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Forum Rules

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Forum Wide Rules

ALL Users must follow ALL forum rules.
  • Users Are to RESPECT ALL other members and staff.
  • Users Are NOT to post or Attach ANY Media or Content that is considered illegal in the UK (United Kingdom).
  • Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.
  • Users Must Post in the correct forum, if you are unsure ask a moderator or Post in the General topics Forum.
  • Before posting a new thread, users must search to see if there is a thread open with the same content.
  • Users are Asked to Post in English Only. Post not in English will be deleted.
  • User Must Respect Copyright, Posting Copyrighted materials Will result in you getting banned, We Will Fully comply with law enforcement.
  • Users Must Not Post or Attach any Malicious Content including but not limited to malware or attempting to infect other users.
  • Users Must have Only ONE Account.Users found with more that one will be deleted and banned,
  • Users Must NOT Post SPAM of any kind.
  • Anything related to terrorism will not be tolerated. We Will Fully comply with law enforcement.
  • No External Download links All Items must be uploaded to the board. Use the forum attachment feature, or copy paste text(code) and use code tags.
  • No Motioned links allowed. Sharecash and Link or any Others.
  • Thurktech supports freedom of speech, However, Religious & Ethnicity & Nationalist Discrimination (Racism) Will not be Tolerated.Disrespectful users will be banned.
  • Users Must Report ANY Content that Brakes Any of the Rules Above, If you are unsure, Please Contact a member of staff anyway.
  • All Content is recorded and Extensive logs are keep both ON and OFF Site About Users and Content posted You have Been Warned.
Please Have Fun and Enjoy your self, the rules are there to ensure a safe and constructive environment for all.

Thurktech Staff.

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